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Current and former Amazon merchants share their stories of being bullied by Amazon.

Welcome to our site designed for current and former Amazon Merchants to leave feedback for Amazon (on the basis that they are not interested in receiving it first hand). We have experienced what it is like to be an Amazon Merchant. Just one month prior to Xmas 2011 we were owed £400,000 by and at one minute prior to them releasing the funds to us (2359hrs on the day prior), they emailed to say they were investigating our account. Only 24 hours later they confirmed that everything was in order and they would release our funds on the next payment day, another 2 weeks later. We appealed and appealed but to no avail, in fact eventually they emailed to say that unless we stopped emailing them then they would hold our funds for longer. We couldn't believe it. Effectively they put us out of business during the busiest trading month and surprise surprise we go head to head with them on most lines ..... it was a great opportunity for them to sell their stock through. We retained every email exchanged during that particular dispute and it offers compelling evidence of their unjustified, unreasonable hold on our funds.

Click here to read how Amazon held our funds

This year they have suddenly blocked our account holding over £170,000 for the next 90 days. We have requested a reason but they have refused to give one. Our ODR (Overall Defect Rate) was 0.3% and our feedback in the high nineties. All five measures were on green. This is just part of our story and we'd be interested in you sharing your story. Please email us and we'll post your story here for others to read .

A Seller on Amazon

I started selling DVDs on Amazon back in 2005 and was doing fairly well until they started freezing the funds in my account in 2007. I had 100% positive feedback rating, so what gives? I received the classic bullshit letter, telling me that my account was "under review". "Under review???". The only thing they should have been reviewing is why they have hemroids up their asses. I soon realized that as soon as a seller starts to gain momentum and their sales start to skyrocket over time, Amazon will find any excuse they can to shut you down. It is true that now only the huge, corporate sellers are the ones that can survive selling on Amazon. It is clear that their goal is to eliminate the so-called "middle class sellers" and create an environment where only the giant volume sellers are welcome. And these mother fuckers are like Big Brother in regards to tracking you in terms of creating another account (, address, credit card/bank account number, etc.) And the unfortunate thing is, I enjoyed purchasing items on Amazon and did for many years. Ever since they shut down my seller account, I no longer make any purchases on their website. Oh well, their loss, not mine. Amazon can suck a dick as far as I'm concerned.

Amazon held onto my funds

Amazon is now a losing proposition for sellers. When you sign up that starts you 14 day hold on funds which will be released after 21 days, Then every 7 days you will be paid for the next 14 days. so if you make a 5 dollar sale in the first 14 days, and say 20 sales on the 15th day. after the 21 day hold you will receive 5.00?? then it keeps going like that, it is a a revolving balance. You never get your full funds... And they will cancel your account and say you failed the seller review after you shipped your items and all your money is on hold.
Watch amazons revenue plunge. It is already happening . The 3rd party sellers are leaving and amazon will lose lots of revenue. They will load their website up with shell companies to make it look good. All the fulfilment by amazon sellers are amazon shell companies. sites a waste. I stopped buying on there found better prices elsewhere.

Amazon Lawsuit

Friends, I just created a petition entitled The United States Congress and Attorney General: Congressional investigation & class-action lawsuit against I've wanted someone to help us with our mutual problem. I'm trying to collect signatures, and I could really use your help. To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, copy & paste this link:

Amazon have my money

Can anyone refer me to a good lawyer to sue amazon? I just started selling electronics through their site and i was estactic when things went better than i expected and i made almost $5,000 in sales my first month. Amazon wired me $900 of my money but 7 days later when i was supposed to recieve another wire transfer i got a email saying that my account was under review and funds would be witheld for 30 days. When i asked them why wasn't i being paid for items i sold, they said because i didnt get any customer feedback on my orders. smh

I was defrauded on Amazon

Hey everyone. I want to add my story as well, I was just defrauded by amazon but in my case they did it silently and I kept on shipping items only to find the money was going out of my account into a reserve account, for something that wasn't even an issue. Some trash person who can't even write two words used my product and then asked to return it. I told her to read the terms because it is not covered under return A=Z so instead she changed it to defective. Stupid amazon doesn't even care that in one email you can write one thing and the other you can totally lie about it and say something that they want to hear. To make a long story short they freeze out future sales. I just canceled the last sale and closed the account but now they don't even want to terminate me.

I will also be making the buyers information public on a blog because amazon doesn't allow for you to leave feedback and expose frauds, this is how they go on with it for so long, they silently freeze your funds or go in you bank account to take security money and there is nobody listening at amazon. They have a perfect system when you have to send 5 emails before it triggers someone to read it. The people who work there are in West Africa and can't even comprehend the issues we try to discuss with them. if you tell them you have a major problem with fraud they just say I understand you are having problems with fraud and please visit the FAQ on what you can do about it, and obviously you email because the FAQ didn't solve your problem to begin with.

Amazon using illegal tactics

the only difference between amazon and ebay is the name. They both use illegal nazi camp tactics and they both side step the law and you can't even sue them because the contract says you agreed to secret arbitration behind closed doors. Notice these companies never get sued, yet when you check the DOJ complaints each have millions of complaints, that's no joke, I called california DOJ back in 2003 and even by then they said paypal had over 1 million complaints with their office. Yet only 1-2 out of those managed to sue. If you want to sell online, get your own website, that is their biggest fear. Unfortunately this is the future of trade on the internet, big multi billion companies treating people like shit and hiding behind terms written by hitlers grandchildren. I let paypal win for a while when they scammed me and then I re-grouped and got my money back through abandoning my account and not shipping. I took the money they stole from me and stole it right back. I called my customers and told them paypal was a fraud and get your charge backs, it worked and as of today my paypal account sits heavily in the minus with no credit card or bank account linked to that account. Thanks paypal, hope meg whitman and your CEO get a lovely case of lung cancer.

My Amazon seller account is under review

I do not understand why my seller account is under review. You have done a horrible job of explaining it to me. All you do is send me a canned email, and your unavailable via phone. The only reason I had three messages go without a response is because the members contacting me were attempting to get me to email them out of Amazon. I did not know that I could mark a message "Needs No Response", I thought that all I needed to do was report it to Amazon. If my seller account is not cleared for my Jan 3 pay day, I doubt that I will ever use Amazon again - this type of customer service is not high quality enough to warrant your outrageous fees. Nobody has complained that they did not get their order, and I have shipped them all. Several days have passed, and no complaints have been received. The only reason you want to keep me under review is so you can hold on to my money longer and gain interest on it. Shame on you.

Amazon is holding my funds in reserve

Amazon is mass deleting individual seller accounts. They are using a revolving reserve of your funds and when you have a lot of money ready to be transfered they suspend your account stating failed account review. The accounts are not in review and when you apeal this they say sorr f u do not email me again about this matter. So they are scamming sellers and scamming buyers. What a waste website. They are creating multiple selling accounts themselves from different states, padding the feedback so it looks like you are purchasing from another seller. But you actually are not. It is them. They are really deceptive and evil...Iwas Long time seller that was booted just recently . Also there are thousands of other sellers that are gone too. Just look over the sight all you see are large sellers and any small sellers there accounts are on hold. look at the feedbacks on these accounts thousands to millions . No one gets 500 feedbacks in 30 days no way not on any selling platform. It is smaoke and mirrors operation to bilk people out of their money.

Amazon suspended my account

This company is sooooo fulll of shIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII*! I was selling on amazon for a few weeks with one product. Angel by Thierry Mugler 1.7 ounce perfume. I couldn't keep a bottle of this perfume on hand for more than 2-3 days. Then low and behold, A dick head customer lies screams my products are fake but asks for a replacement bottle. Customer says oh well I shop at places like Saks and im upset because I had to pay expensive prices to get the same bottle there. WTF!?!?! does that have to do with me? Anyway the e-mail clearly indicates this customer was trying to scam my business out of free merchandise. On top of that 15% commission fees from amazon. Anyway they went to go cry to amazon and lied and said the perfume turned green and scent only lasted 30 seconds. I started looking for my shotgun. M F's suspended my account and said because i sell fake products. Then I appealed after they inquired where I get my products from and the reason for closure changed to Intellectual Property Infringement. This company is headed and ran by some of the dumbest mother f's to ever walk this planet. BTW took almost $400 of my money for 3 months. They take that money and go invest earn interest and if you are lucky you get it back, because there company is doing so damn bad. Very one sided website ran by BILL and TED type employees if you know what I mean. Customer said this so customer is always right even when lying and they monitor the email conversations. There was another case of someone losing over $11,000 with amazon. YOU EVER THINK ABOUT WHY DA PHUK THEY HOLD YOUR FUNDS FOR 14 DAYS BEFORE THEY PAY YOU EVEN THOUGH THEY CHARGE THE CUSTOMER THAT SAME DAY??? And get this right before my marketplace disbursement into my checking account the next day. The assholes froze my funds and suspended my sellers account. These people are shady. This is why i'm glad that companies like walmart exist. They are there and ready for all of the lost customers dumb ppl like this lose. I hope Jeff Bezos finds his way to the grave soon. Just because your company is registered as an LLC does not freakin mean you are above the law or create it. WE HAVE WASHINGTON FOR THAT. BTW MERRY EFFIN CHRISTMAS!

I got suspended but had a fantastic feedback rating

I share many of the same complaints as listed above, but I have something to add... I had a fantastic rating but got suspended and permanently revoked for "high defective rate" on a 3% return rate over 200 items sold. That's 6 items, mind you. I had all 6 items ultimately returned to me, to find out that only one item was ACTUALLY defective. 3 of them were brand new and weren't even opened! Amazon didn't even bother to validate the customer's complaints. While I realize that some buyers feel like they have to mark something defective to return it, Amazon should have done their job to validate the claims. Pure laziness and arrogance on their part. Furthermore, Amazon would not even answer questions on how to structure the appeal letters and what they are looking for. I asked for a call from their performance review team 3 times, never to receive one. I was told "they don't have phone support." They just sit behind a curtain, press a reject button and collect a paycheck... how do I get THAT job?? Now, that's just the tip of the iceberg. They proceeded to keep my money for not only 90 days as their "policy" states, but for 117 days! When I challenged the need for them to keep my money for that long, I was told that it's "in our policy". Naturally, I expected to receive the interest they earned on my money, but again they stated "it's in our policy that we have the right to the interest earned on the money we hold." Hmmm... wonder why they never make an exception on their policy to keep your money for "up to 90 days". Just because a company puts something in writing as a "policy" doesn't make it right or even lawful. Lastly, I was using their FBO warehouses to store my inventory and fulfill orders. If you ever get a chance... pass on that!! They proceeded to lose several of my items, then only compensated me for their calculated "value" of the item. As you probably already guessed, the compensation was no where near the actual value of the item, no matter how you spin it. Also, the items they lost were not small items such as pocket knives, they were very large items. Most of them took 2 people to pick up... how do you "lose" that!?! Amazon says you can provide invoices to prove your cost. However, I refused to share my sourcing and pricing information with them as they undercut me on several of my items. That's right, they invited me to their arena, then stole the seat out from under me. They showed a total lack of integrity, so I would not share sourcing information with them. As a result of their lack of skill in warehouse management and unfair compensation for lost items, I lost a bunch more money as well as time and effort sourcing and managing the inventory. Now I am stuck with several hundred items in their warehouse, fulfilling them through multi-channel shipments that cost me lots more. I now realize that this is part of their plan... get your inventory, shut you down, steal your money then force you to use their outbound service that costs more than I can ship it myself since I can't afford to recall the inventory! I am absolutely beside myself from how Amazon treated me as a seller. Not even eBay treats its sellers that way! When you net it all out, they flat out stole money from me. If I went into a store and took money out of a register, I would go straight to jail! It's shocking that they get away with this! Through all of this, I have had a case open since April of this year. The "customer service" rep finally told me I'm not getting any help on any of my concerns and marked the case "Answered". I will not allow them to take no action on my concerns and simply mark something "Answered" so it gets removed from their reports and they don't get into trouble. I ran a customer support call center for a much larger company than Amazon, and I would have had my head taken off for playing stat games! I'll cost them the money they took from me if I have to keep this case open for 5 years... they'll pay one way or another. If anyone else was put through the same treatment, I encourage you to do the same.

Amazon claimed I violated their selling policies

I have been in business for many years and tried and have been selling for more than a year without any AtoZ claims and chargeback against me, and I have a total of 27 ratings and 5.0 stars at 100% positive. Just July of this year, Amazon claimed I violated their selling policies because I was selling used software that was opened and that only the full retail versions is allowed on Amazon, not the OEM or academic versions. This is a big problem for Amazon because if Amazon doesn't allow Academic or OEM versions on their site, then why are they still available on their site before they even gave me and all sellers the privilege to start selling in the first place? Amazon didn't provide enough evidence beyond reasonable doubt that I was reselling used and opened software when I knew in fact that I was only selling new software legally. Now that my account is suspended, Amazon is holding almost $9,000.00 for another 90 days. Yes, I mean another 90 days after they reviewed my account for 30 days earlier on June 8. I was already told by them over the phone that they would released my money after 30 days. Now, here we go again for another 90 days! Attention to all sellers: I can now be made sure that the main reason why they suspended my account like they did to your is because of how much money I made. Be aware that Amazon want your money and the more you have made in sales, the more Amazon will hold your money. They wanted my money and so they decided to hold it at the longest as they are allowed to do. And in order for them to hold my money for 90 days which is the longest period, they had to suspend my account and make up a story against me for any reasons. Attention to buyers: The only reason Amazon is very popular online compared than other websites for is because of their AtoZ claims and that is for buyers who think they can get something for free. Buyers need to know that NOTHING is free. And if you think I'm wrong and that everything is free, then Amazon is the right place for you, so you can file AtoZ claim and have Amazon give money back to you. I will never do business with Amazon again as a buyer or a seller and would advise everyone to stay away from Amazon. Amazon is losing sellers everyday due to their suspension and for their AtoZ claim. Amazon should had no business giving me the selling privileges until they have either enforced their policies by removing the OEM, Academic or upgrade versions on their site since it said only the retail versions is allowed, or change their policies if they allowed it. Amazon is breaking their own policies and that's very shameful. That's not smart.

My Amazon account is under review

I started selling on Amazon on Dec 20, 2011, knowing they held funds for new sellers for 21 days. My 21 days are up January 10. Today I find out that on January 10 they are only releasing the funds made 14 days immediately prior to the settlement date. That does not include about $220 of the 300 owed to me. Seller Support tells me the rest will be held another 14 days. I imagine 13 days from now I will be told I am under review and now have to wait 90 days. holds the reserve funds from millions of accounts in an interest bearing account and makes millions in profit. This cannot be legal. I have read about THOUSANDS of similar complaints and it's disgusting. It has to stop. I started selling because I needed money to live on for the next month until my school funds come in. Now I don't even know how I'm going to afford groceries, plus I am out $95 in shipping for product I am not being paid for. Amazon does NOT disclose this information in its policies, only the 21 day policy. Anything else is unethical, if no illegal.

Amazon shut down my account

Amazon, shut down my account at the heart of the season, beginning December. I had sold over 1200 items, and I only got about 85 ratings for customers. They said that my rating is low which was at 4.5 out of 5 when they closed my account. I also built 1000s of dollars of inventory to ship with FBA for December sales, and now I am stuck with the inventory. I still have about $3000 worth of inventory that is still with FBA, which I was selling slowly to relinquish it on Ebay for half the price. NOW they even BLOCKED the REMOVALS of my Inventory Items saying that I am supplying my Buyers with FBA removals, I have to get rid of my inventory somehow?.....Still holding $5000 of mine for 90 days

Amazon lost me my income

In 2011 I had a banner year with my business... I sold over $200,000 worth of products. Made Amazon tens of thousands of dollars. This Christmas I was selling toys, when I ran out I had a few customer orders that I was unable to fill. Being customer service oriented I let them know I was unable to fill the order and they could fine the hard to find item in stock at toysrus. Well, little did I know, Toysrus and Amazon were in a law suit, this petition actually told me that. They blocked my account and would not open it back up after my appeal and admission to fault on those few items. I had a great month in December with the start of selling toys and projected next year would have been a minimum of $300,000 gross annual sales. Over the next 25 years that I would most likely run my business, I would be 61, I can legitimately claim a loss of income of over $1,000,000. All over a few dollars of lost commission that I would gladly pay a penalty and slap on the wrist, saying don't do it again... and close me down if I were a continued offender. Instead, they cut ties and throw me to the curb not caring what it does to me or my family.

Amazon suspends seller accounts

Amazon suspends seller accounts w/o due process. No opportunity for seller to dispute incorrect info, no info provided by Amazon as to the specific reasons for suspension. If a buyer gets mad at a seller, they can easily get them permanently suspended from Amazon by making false claims--because Amazon has no process for seller's to refute buyer claims, and no process for allowing sellers to get their account reinstated.

Amazon blocked my account for no reason blocked my account 4 years ago without any reason. I am very successful ebay seller and decided to extend my business to amazon. The experience , I got, is worse the bad - no communication from amazon , they hold my money for a long time and no explanation why my account was suspended. I read that they ripped off THOUSANDS SELLERS. Sellers and buyers, please forget about amazon - this is one way to punish this business

Amazon is not playing fair

Amazon is not playing Fair in there own Sand Box. They bully merchants like myself and do not allow themselves to be subject to the same terms as Amazon Market place merchants.
Lastly Amazons Feed Back system is Flawed and supports fraud and Slander against us merchants unless we bribe a customer to remove feedback that is undeserved Amazon has become the next Wal-Mart and is only interested in destroying small Business.

Amazon funds being held in reserve

I was selling on and I listed two laptop computers that I have for sale and when they sold I had to cancel the order because charged me $46.00 in commission and only allowed me very little money for shipping so I would have lost money in the deal so I cancelled the two orders. Now my account is under review and they won't let me have access to my money or issue me a refund for shipping on another product that I cancelled. I want to be a part of the class action law suite with Amazon. It seems that I'm not the only one they do this to. It seems like they just make excuses to steal peoples money. They told me I can still list items up for sale and sell them but my funds will be temporarily reserved. From what I have read from other users when they place an account under review, they close the persons account and don't give them their money they earned. We need to put a stop to this now!

I was ripped off by Amazon

Last month i sold my phone with a description of the phone conditions and stating it was not unlocked. A buyer had purchased the phone from me and in a couple of weeks the buyer filed an a to z claim stating the phone was defective. I have explained to amazon that the buyer is trying to unlock the phone and he is having trouble. Clearly through my conversation with the buyer the phone is in working condition. I did state to him the phone only works with att. Amazon did not care what i had to say they told me i have to refund the person back and it is up to the buyer if he decides to return my product. I have plead with the buyer to return my phone and so far no luck, I was ripped off by amazon and by the buyer. I have never heard such a thing where if i bought an item i can keep it and not return the item and get my money back wow. Is this how we do business now.

Amazon shut my account for no reason

They have shut my accounts down offering no explanation & stealing my money. Constantly giving fradulent buyers their money back without making them send my product back. So I'm out of product & all the money I've made on the items!!! They won't give me any reasons as to why they do it & tell me their is no contact person to discuss the issue!

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